Thursday, July 10, 2008

“Allman and Crane in the Morning” Talk up YOGI on KFTK

On Wednesday morning at 8:10 AM, I appeared on KFTK in St. Louis, Missouri, on “Allman and Crane in the Morning.” The guys were really nice, and they spent a half-an-hour chatting with me about Yogi Berra, his early years spent on The Hill, the old Italian neighborhood, in St. Louis where Yogi grew up.

Allman was born and raised in University City. He is the youngest of six and was born essentially to be a doll for his sister when she arrived unexpectedly, so everything that Allman accomplishes is nothing short of a miracle. Allman always wanted to be in broadcasting and annoyed classmates by often speaking into a pencil pinched between the metal clips in his notebook. He wound up in college in Madison, Wisconsin where he was surrounded by lefties and covered music, movies and theater for the Badger Herald newspaper and the Wisconsin State Journal. He got into the news business by working at Wisconsin Public Radio and upon graduation got hooked up with AM Talker WTDY covering local and state politics. He then wound up in TV and eventually made it back to St. Louis in 1989 for a job at KMOV-TV. Allman has earned more Emmys than anyone in the history of local St. Louis TV. He has received fourteen Emmys for investigative and political reports as well as for writing. He has also earned five Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in broadcasting. He has been honored for his TV and community work by the St. Louis Jaycees and the Presswomen of Missouri. In between broadcasting stints he proudly served as Director of Communications for the St. Louis Archbishop. Allman has four awesome children; Ethan, age 17, Katie age 15, Aidan age 3, and Natalie born on Nov. 16. He is married to the lovely Andrea and they love travel and dining together. Allman also enjoys aggravating his teenagers and mesmerizing the baby with dangerous stunts and happy adventures.


I am a student of American history. I love this country and the virtues it was founded on as stated in our Declaration: the respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that the most under-appreciated citizens in America are those who have or are currently serving in the United States military. I was absolutely disgusted by the treatment of the US Military during the 90's and believe that it is one of the primary functions, if not the primary function, for a government to protect its people. That protection begins and ends with the respectable treatment of the Armed forces as well as the constitutional rights of its citizens. But I've digressed; my passion for America has been shaped first, and foremost by my family. It was strengthened by my two visits to the former Soviet Union. America is the greatest country ever to be and our form of government is the model for all freedom-loving countries. My love for country is one of the main reasons I created Nothing But Truth, which is a celebration of the American dream. A dream that I believe in and happily defend on a daily basis.
In my former career, I had the privilege to coach juniors and college players in tennis. I learned a great deal about leadership through this vocation. The greatest lesson was that actions are more powerful than words. If one advocates a healthy, honest lifestyle, then one must live a healthy, honest life.
Many in society today ask: what can they do to effect positive change? The greatest contribution a person can make is to live by example. Great leadership knows no particular race, creed, economic class, or political affiliation; it can be found anywhere. Fortunately, America is blessed with a system that encourages it. It is not an easy road — for it takes courage and the willingness to be held accountable. When it comes to leadership there is no difference between personal and private life. It is a function of one's essence.
Everybody in media has certain key issues that they promote and I am no different. My issues are the promotion of liberty and freedom, and since 9/11 the defense of gifts. There are two wars we are currently fighting. The “hot war” against Islamofacism requires vigilance and pre-emption. We cannot wait for it to touch our shores again. We are also fighting a cold war against communism/repressive regimes (China, Russia and North Korea). These wars are not mutually exclusive for they involve similar issues of nuclear proliferation and democratic reform. We cannot cower from the challenges facing us today. We need leadership, specifically President Bush to articulate a comprehensive strategy to win these protracted conflicts, but I digress.
I know this was supposed to be my bio, but if you know where I stand on issues; you will certainly understand whom I am.
On the personal side, I have friends from all over the political spectrum and have learned from them all. They have influenced me (sometimes over evening of drinking too much wine lol) in many ways and I am grateful. The values I cherish are honesty, kindness, and personal responsibility. My desire in life is to provide honest, quality entertainment that promotes my creator's virtues. As pious and self-righteous as this may sound; it is the truth. I am sincerely appreciative of your reader, listenership, thank you. God bless, and God Bless America!